Hey Therapist: it's time for you to start posting Short-Form Videos 

for your mental health practice

Join Montage by Be Mindfully Social and get matched with a Content Coach who will conduct a monthly interview to delve into your personal brand, background, expertise, specialty and point of view. From just this single interview, you'll receive at least 15-ready-to-share videos designed for TikTok, Reels, and YouTube Shorts.



☑️ Questionnaire & Preferences: After joining, complete the branding survey, submit your bio, choose your preferred colors, and schedule your initial session with your Content Coach.

☑️ Brand Guide Creation: We'll craft a personalized brand guide and "therapeutic narrative" that reflects your unique approach and philosophy.

Monthly Interview Session

☑️ Participate in Your Monthly Video Session: During your scheduled session you will discuss your aspirations, methods, and specialties with your Content Coach.

☑️ Tailored Questions: Receive questions designed to highlight your unique perspective, allowing you to reintroduce yourself to your audience through engaging video content.

☑️ Expert InterviewersOur Content Coaches are media professionals, therapists, writers and filmmakers specializing in trending storytelling techniques  designed to unearth and capture the essence of your expertise. 


Expert Editing

☑️ Creative Transformation: With your insights in hand, our editing team sets to work, converting raw thoughts into compelling, polished videos. It's your profound understanding and our editorial flair combined, ensuring your messages not only shine but resonate far and wide. 

15+ Videos Delivered

☑️ A Collection to Inspire: From a single video session you will receive at least 15 meticulously edited short-form videos tailored for optimal engagement across TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Bonus+ Monthly Content Club

☑️ When you join Montage, you will also have access to our flagship content club.

☑️ On the 1st of the month you will receive brandable social media content that you can customize for your brand.

☑️25 feed posts with captions, 15 story posts, 10 motivational quotes, 5 evergreen reels and a blog post. 

☑️ We also give our members a trending audio guide, free marketing and wellness courses, monthly digital bonuses and so much more.   

🛑 STOP trying to figure out what to post on social media

and get back to running your practice. 

JOIN NOW for ONLY $350


JOIN NOW for ONLY $350



JOIN NOW for ONLY $350 per month